Gastown Steam Clock

Located in the historic district of Gastown, this unique clock has been keeping time since 1977 and is one of the most recognizable landmarks in the city.

The clock was designed by local horologist Raymond Saunders and built to commemorate Vancouver’s centennial year celebrations. It stands at an impressive four metres tall and features intricate brass details that are characteristic of Victorian era design. The clock itself is powered by steam from a boiler located beneath it, which produces its signature sound every fifteen minutes with a whistle blast that echoes throughout the neighbourhood.

At night, visitors can enjoy watching as lights on all four sides of the clock illuminate while music plays from speakers hidden within its frame. This spectacle has become synonymous with Gastown and draws large crowds who come to admire its beauty each evening.

In addition to being an iconic landmark in Vancouver, Gastown Steam Clock also serves as a reminder of how far technology has advanced over time – something we often take for granted today. When it was first installed back in 1977, there were only two other steam clocks around – both located in Germany – making this one truly unique and special to many locals who have grown up admiring it over the years.

For those looking for more than just sightseeing during their trip to Vancouver, there are several guided tours available where you can learn about how Gastown Steam Clock works or even get your hands dirty helping out with maintenance tasks like re-filling its water tank. There’s also plenty of nearby restaurants serving delicious food so you can make a full day out of exploring everything this charming neighbourhood has to offer including shops selling vintage clothing and art galleries featuring local artists’ work.

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